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SGA Senate Bios

Sara McNichols- University Senator

My name is Sara McNichols and I am one of the University Senators. My offices are Department of Campus Safety, Health Center, Women Resource Center. The goals I have as a senator this year are to see what the students are expecting from each office and how and can that be implemented. I am a Political Science major and love studying government. I am quite excited to be an advocate for the students here at APU!







 Felicia Surjono- Commuter Senator


 Hello, I am Felicia Surjono, your 2012-2012 Commuter Senator.

I am currently a Sophomore and a Biology major. I work with Communiversity and Campus Pastors. I am very excited to serve APU's commuters and listen your their wants and needs. I am currently looking for idea how we can integrate resident life with commuter life. The point of this is to expose commuters to more of APU life. I would love to get to know my fellow commuters, so if you have any questions or ideas please contact me!





Lauren Coffelt- Marketing Commissioner


Hey guys! My name is Lauren Coffelt and I'm the SGA Marketing Commissioner this year. I would love to see important change take place this year on campus and I'm dedicated to helping this process.  I'm a Sophomore Studio Art major, and I enjoy photography, singing with my worship team, and playing Skyrim.








Jessie Barnes- Creative Commissioner


Hey I'm Jessie, and I'm the creative commissioner this year! What that essentially means is I am the one expected to contribute to the design elements that represent SGA. I am a sophomore art major with an emphasis in studio, and I also am working on my BFA as a graphic designer. So basically I love all things creative, hence the reason I wanted to be the creative commissioner this year. It is important that we know the student body is well informed about what is happening internally, that they know their voice is being heard. As part of the communications team this is what we strive to do. This is my second year on SGA and I'm stoked to see how things continue to improve around campus!




Stephanie Avena- Multi-Cultural Senator


 My name is Stephanie Avena, and I am a Sophomore Social Work major. I know how much of an asset and necessity the office of Multi Ethnic Programs and the different Ethnic Organizations are to APU. This year I have the privilege to work with the office of Orientation and Transitions as well as with Chapel programs. As, Multi-Cultural Senator, I will strive to bring awareness of the importance of embracing different cultures for the well being of the student body. I look forward to working with the student body as they are the ones who I am here to serve.




Jesse Pena-University Senator


This being my second year in Student Government I hold myself to a variety of goals that I will see are executed throughout the course of my term as University Senator. As a student leader my upmost importance is serving my surrounding communities which is currently the student body. I am driven by passion and SGA is one of the outlets I use to pour my passion into, which will be seen through the work I produce in this office. Aside from Student Government I also serve as this years Latin American Student Association's Vice President. LASA is another organization where I have the privilege to serve the APU community, specifically the Latina/o population. My ultimate vision for this year is to advocate for the needs of the Student body by utilizing outlets like SGA which will lead to the advancement of this University.



Scott Cervera-University Senator

Hello my name is Scott Cervera and I am a senior studying business administration. I am one of the university senators and my areas of representation are athletics, facilities management and libraries. This year I hope to see the communication between students and administration strengthen  as well as limit the misconceptions many students have. I enjoy long walks on the beach, helping old ladies cross the street and playing rugby.







Marie Millares- Azusa Senator


Hello! My name is Marie Millares and I am a senior Social Work major here at APU. I am also excited to be this years Azusa Senator! As someone who has been raised in the city of Azusa, I am able to see the best of both worlds. I would love to be used as that tool to join the city and the University together in order to compliment each others strengths. I am an advocate for both and I am willing to do the best to my ability to create a growing change. Besides my love for Azusa and APU, I have many different hobbies such as hiking, martial arts, dancing, playing badminton, basketball, and being able to give back to my city through tutoring/mentoring and being an assistant coach at my former high school.



Mun Aung -International Senator


My name is Mun and I am an international student from Myanmar (Burma). The thing I am excited about being part of SGA is to become a better representative for the international students body.
I cannot wait to see the changes in  APU community.








Mark Thomas- Academic Senator

Hello! I am excited to be your academic senator for this school year! My name is Mark Thomas, and I am a junior here at APU. I'm studying English Literature and Economics, and hoping to go to law school after I graduate. Two of my goals for this year with respect to SGA are to further the academic reputation of the school and to improve and increase the faith integration that happens at APU! Aside from academics, my span of care includes IMT and academic retention/Undergraduate Advising. Basically, my job is to make sure your classes are hard, your wifi is fast, and that you stay here at APU! Let's grow together this year! Come talk to me and help me help make APU a better place for now and for the future.

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