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House of Representative Bios

Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Vazquez and I am a freshman, so I'm pretty new to the APU campus. I am a political science and business economics double major with a minor in sociology. I know, sounds crazy right!? I really am passionate about all of that though and one day hope to be a Supreme Court Justice after practicing law. In Student Government I act as a member in the House of Representatives dealing with Rez life, Housing, and ISS. I am super excited to work with my amazing Senator and all the great people in SGA this year and to be able to make a difference that will positively impact the future of the school and it's student body. Aside from my love for getting involved with SGA I am also involved in two of the choral programs on campus and a ministry here in Azusa. I love to sing all day especially, which is why being in both Men's Chorale and the Opera program has been such a blessing! These next four years are going to go by so fast, but I am already enjoying every minute of it and cannot wait to see the impact SGA and every individual students makes on this campus during my time here.



September Vaudrey

I am September Vaudrey, a freshman at Azusa Pacific University.  I am a member of the House of Representatives, and love Student Government! My personal responsibilities involve representing the student body to the city of Azusa. My goals for this year include strengthening the relationship between the community and our school, advocating for esthetic adjustments around the city near campus, and augmenting the community service activities for the students at APU. I am a political science and Spanish double major from Chicago. My cat, Felipe, is a dream and I am the youngest of five kids in my family.  




Jordan Kelley

My name is Jordan Kelley, and I am a freshman majoring in Political Science and minoring in Pre-law. I am a member of The House of Representatives in student government. I intern for a university senator, Sara McNichols, and we work with campus safety, the health center, and the women's resource center. My goals for this year are to make the student body knowledgable on what student government accomplishes, be the voice for the students of APU, and help pass resolutions to better APU. I am so excited to be apart of student government this year, and I cannot wait to help the APU student body.




Jazmine Hand

 I am Jazmine Hand. I am a House of Representatives member for the Student Government Association at Azusa Pacific University. I represent the interests of Athletics, Libraries, and Facilities along side with Senator Scott Cervera. I hope to improve the overall productivity and wellness of my designated departments in a functional and more Christ-centered way. I am a Political Science major, Pre-Law minor and hope to one day rule the world. But in the meantime, I enjoy endless reading of romantic literature, science fiction novels, and long walks on the beach.





Max Walden

It has been my hope and prayer to be used for good, despite my shortcomings. As a Representative of the Class of 2016, I am striving to do some good work for the APU community and for the Kingdom of God. I am passionate about service, puppies, Taco King, and making a lasting impact here at Azusa Pacific and I will do my best to see that graduates of this university look back with no regrets. The departments I have the pleasure of working with include Multi-Ethnic Programs, the Office of Orientation and Transitions, and Chapel Programs. If you have any ideas or concerns for these Offices or anything else, feel free to call me or beep me, if you wanna reach me.



Brooke Seipel

Hey Everyone,

I'm Brooke Seipel. I'm a freshman here at APU and just got into SGA. I'm a member of the House of Representatives and I'm working with Senator Mark Thomas with Academic Retention, IMT, and the Provost Office. My major is Journalism and since I’m a semester ahead I’m considering double majoring as well since I have time. This year I hope to watch APU improve, not just in the area I’ll be working in, but all around campus to ensure an experience at APU that is fun and enjoyable as well as conducive to a great education. A little about me more personally is that I’m currently in Adams Hall kickin’ it with the ladies. I like to spend any spare time I have doing what most people like to do watching movies, hanging out with friends, and of course going to the beach. I’m also moderately adventurous and am fond of hiking, kayaking, and other outdoorsy things. You can find me doing poor Kristen Wig impressions around campus on an average day. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

  - Brooke E. Seipel



Nathan Fletcher

My name is Nathan Fletcher, straight out of the city blocks of Denver, Colorado. I'm in SGA because, for me, there was no better way to get involved. I'm a cinematic arts major and plan on producing major motion pictures in the future. I love rugby and play on the team at APU, but off the field enjoy classic hip hop and ladies.







Katie Richcreek

My name is Katie Richcreek. I'm a journalism major with a minor in political science, and a freshmen representative for the Student Government Association. I work alongside Jesse Pena, a University Senator that works specifically with hospitality, career services, and undergraduate admissions. I look forward to watching first hand how SGA works to represent the student body and their concerns, also to playing a role in the changes that will take place on campus as a result of the work put in this school year. I hope to use this year as a learning experience so that if I should decide to run for a senator or executive position in years to come I have experience.

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